The Mangrove TDS Library (History & News)

A C++ Tool for the Fast Prototyping of the Topological Data Structures

David Canino

September 11-22, 2016
New updates and reorganization for the Mangrove TDS Library ( and the Mangrove TDS Library (GitHub) websites. No modification for the stable version 2.0 (, and several updates for the experimental version (GitHub).
May 13, 2016
A draft of the new (experimental and unstable) version is available from the Official GitHub Repository. At any moment, it may be largely incompleted, not stable, and may be modified very often (even in the same day), and it is work-in-progress.

It is based on many C++11 capabilities, and requires the Boost Library and the Google SparseHash Library, as well as the QT Library. It includes a brief documentation, which can be generated by using the Doxygen.

Broadly speaking, it gives a brief idea about the new version 3.0 with respect to the stable version 2.0 of the Mangrove TDS Library (

If you are very brave, then you can exploit this experimental version at your own risk!

September 15, 2015
Published an interesting post about the Mangrove TDS Library on the LinkedIn. Please, read and enjoy it!
July 18, 2015
Created a new repository on the GitHub website for the Mangrove TDS Library (GitHub), since the website is experiencing several stability problems. Stay tuned, please!
February 28, 2015
The PhD Thesis, Tools for Modeling and Analysis of Non-manifold Shapes, is finally free. It contains a complete description for the basic idea of this library.
December 23, 2014
Now, we have also a support mailing list, offered by the website. Please, subscribe!
December 13-15, 2014
New restyling for the Mangrove TDS Library website! No modification to the source code.
May 10, 2014
New Mangrove TDS Library version 2.0 has been publicly released with many updates:

  • added a better and more robust support for the customization;
  • added a new representation, available as a dynamic plugin (mangrove);
  • added the support for the cell complexes of any dimension;
  • added the possibility of applying the editing operators on the mangroves;
  • added new I/O formats;
  • added a new type of the dynamic properties, i.e., the nightmare properties, for associating the auxiliary information, directly also with the ghost references;
  • added the complete documentation for the theoretical aspects of the framework.
An interested user finds more information in the Official Documentation.
October 13-16, 2013
The paper Representing Simplicial Complexes with Mangroves has been presented at the 22nd International Meshing Roundtable (IMR 2013), October 13-16, 2013, Orlando, FL, USA. It contains a complete description for the basic idea of this library.
July 25, 2013
New Mangrove TDS Library version 1.1 has been publicly released. It solves a compatibility problem with the new QT Library 5.*. This bug was found by Dr. Flavio Cipollone!
July 3-5, 2013
The poster An Extensible Framework for Modeling Simplicial and Cell Complexes has been presented at the 11th Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP 2013), July 3-5, 2013, Genova (GE), Italy.
December 22, 2012
The Official Facebook page for the Mangrove TDS Library is online.
October 14-19, 2012
The poster An Extensible Framework for Modeling Simplicial Complexes has been presented at the IEEE VisWeek 2012, October 14-19, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA.
July 16-18, 2012
The poster Mangrove-based Representations of Topological Data Structures for Simplicial Shapes, has been presented at the 10th Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP 2012), July 16-18, 2012, Tallinn, Estonia.
May 2012
The Mangrove TDS Library version 1.0 has been publicly released (first release).

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