The Mangrove TDS Library (Extra Packages)

A C++ Tool for the Fast Prototyping of the Topological Data Structures

David Canino

Here, you will find the extra packages, that do not belong to the Mangrove TDS Library directly, but that exploit (also partially) this library.

Recall that the library is oriented to the fast design and it is plugins-oriented, thus new plugins, like new topological data structures (mangroves), new file formats, and new (mangroves) constructors are welcomed!

The Extra packages may also show how using the Mangrove TDS Library for the geometric modeling and the processing research, like the structural analysis of shapes, the multiresolution modeling, the computation of the differential quantities and operators, the real-time deformation, the parametrization, the numerical optimization, the remeshing, and the mesh repairing, just to mention few.

In any case, this list is not comprehensive.

Please, let us to know whether your project is based on the Mangrove TDS Library in order to add it to this list. We encourage you to contribute also to the Mangrove TDS Library and to report the problems and the bugs, if there is any.

Unfortunately, there is no Extra Package, which is ready to be distributed publicly at this moment.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working for you!

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