The Mangrove TDS Library  2.0
A C++ tool for the Fast Prototyping of Topological Data Structures
Supported Representations

Here, you can find some examples (SEVEN) of topological data structures, that we have designed and implemented in our tool. They have complementary properties, and they show the validity and the modeling capabilities of our Mangrove TDS Library.

Specifically, we have implemented five data structures for simplicial and cell complexes of arbitrary dimension, and not necessarily embedded in the Euclidean space, namely:

We have also implemented two dimension-specific data structures for, respectively, cell and simplicial 2- and 3-complexes, necessarily embedded in the Euclidean 3D space, namely:

In [14] we have also performed experimental results regarding the efficiency of topological queries for these representations. These results are also summarized in [12] and in the following section:

Our Mangrove TDS Library IS NOT a mere collection of these data structures, but it is a GENERIC framework, specialized for the fast prototyping of topological data structures for simplicial and cell complexes. As shown in [14], any topological data structure can be successfully designed within our library. In future versions of the Mangrove TDS Library, the number of topological data structures will be surely increased.